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Academic Approach

The Woodlands Prep at Great Warley curriculum is tailored to the needs of the pupils and their future aspirations. Taking the National Curriculum as our starting point, departments adapt and enhance their programmes of study to ensure that every pupil is motivated, inspired and challenged. In addition to the core subjects of English and Mathematics, where we adopt a mastery approach, the Woodlands syllabus includes Modern Languages, Science, Music, ICT, Art, Drama, Design and Technology, Forest Schools and PE. It also includes Philosophy used as a tool within the classroom to help children understand the world around them.

Classes are small and allow a very individual approach to be offered to every child so that the learning style and pace is appropriate. Woodlands recognises that emotional health and academic development are interlinked, and this is supported with a commitment to wellbeing and mental health throughout our school community which is supported by regular events and initiatives such as yoga and mindfulness.

At every level, we strive to make our pupils independent learners, well-prepared for the next stage in their development. By Years 5 and 6 the curriculum is planned largely, though not entirely, according to the Scholarship and entry requirements of the leading local independent senior schools and grammars.

Our approach is designed to help pupils:

  • view the world through the eyes of a growth mindset and challenge failure
  • enjoy a happy and secure learning environment where they are valued
  • foster curiosity where they question rather than merely accept
  • acquire knowledge and understanding which will equip them for future challenges
  • obtain skills that they can transfer to other subjects or situations

Adults know the children, their likes and dislikes, their habits and routines extremely well; consequently, children are happy and feel safe and secure.

ISI educational quality Inspection Report 2018

Open Door Policy

We work very closely with parents and believe that communication between home and school is of paramount importance. 

Parents are invited to talk with teachers and qualified staff at drop off and pick up times whenever they need to.  We also provide email access to all teachers. 

Each child in our Early Years Foundation Stage has an online ‘Learning Journey’ called Tapestry, which records progress through photos, observations and information.  Parents may access this information  at any time and discuss them at our regular parent consultations.  

We also send parents a regular newsletter and use Parent Mail to text and email parents with any urgent information.

Find out more about specific key areas of our curriculum using the links below: