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Inspection Reports

Hutton Manor - Inspection Reports

We are pleased to provide our most recent Inspection Reports.

We are very proud that the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) identified many of the 'excellent' and 'outstanding' qualities within our School and Nursery. Please click on the below to download the full inspection reports:

We have highlighted the main points from the most recent Educational Quality reports below:


  • The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent
  • Pupils attainment is above expectations for their ages
  • Pupils achieve at high levels in response to highly engaging teaching in small classes which provides different activities to suit individual pupils’ needs,
  • Pupils display excellent attitudes to their work, work independently and collaboratively with ease, and are highly enthusiastic in their lessons.
  • Pupils make confident and mature choices, readily accepting responsibility for their studies and their own well-being
  • Pupils have a highly developed sense of social responsibility, taking on responsibilities in school and initiating change at home and further afield.
  • The school’s ‘have a go’ culture encourages pupils to feel they can join in with any activity, resulting in high levels of success overall
  • Pupils are highly confident and self-assured because the school is diligent in promoting a culture where pupils feel valued and success is celebrated.


  • The overall effectiveness of the early years provision is outstanding
  • Staff have an excellent understanding of how babies and young children learn and develop and support them extremely well.
  • They have created a secure and happy environment which enables children to be highly successful learners
  • Parents are very happy with the level of care their children receive and welcome the daily contact with staff, whom they find approachable and friendly.
  • Children have extremely well-developed social skills for their age and demonstrate that they feel emotionally secure within the setting.
  • Children make rapid progress in their personal and emotional development due to the nurturing interactions with staff.
  • The dedicated staff provide stimulating learning opportunities and outstanding care, which results in children being on course to meet or exceed the level of development that is typical for their age.
  • The excellent learning environment is effective in challenging and encouraging children to be confident learners.
  • Outcomes for children are outstanding.

Great Warley - Inspection Reports

We are pleased to provide our most recent Inspection Reports.

We are very proud that once again the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) has identified many of the 'excellent' and 'outstanding' qualities within our School and Nursery.  Please click on the below to download the full inspection reports:

We have highlighted the main points from the most recent Educational Quality report below:

  • Adults know the children, their likes and dislikes, their habits and routines extremely well; consequently, children are happy and feel safe and secure.
  • Leadership and management show an ambitious vision for the development of the setting.
  • Warm, supportive relationships and safe routines enable children to feel emotionally secure and confident to explore new experiences.
  • Pupils demonstrate excellent communication skills. They are articulate, confident in expressing their views and keen to contribute fully in lessons.
  • Their behaviour and manners are impeccable, and they show substantial respect for each other and value others' opinions. 
  • Pupils gain confidence and self-knowledge through exceptionally positive and well-developed relationships with staff.
  • Pupils of all ages demonstrate excellent speaking and listening skills.
  • Pupils show a very high level of understanding and skills relative to their age.
  • The pupils’ outstanding skills in creative and performing arts are strongly supported by the specialist teaching provided. Pupils perform at consistently high levels in music and drama
  • From the EYFS upwards, pupils show excellent attitudes to their work. They enjoy learning for its own sake and derive satisfaction from working hard and doing their best.
  • All pupils are supported by warm, encouraging staff, who use praise highly effectively to motivate them.
  • Pupils’ attainment is judged to be above national age-related expectations.
  • Pupils make excellent progress through the teachers’ use of comprehensive planning and challenging, well-directed tasks.
  • Pupils are joyful, open, friendly and confident and this has a very positive influence on how they conduct themselves. 
  • The ‘Woodlands Way’, an agreed set of values championed by strong yet sensitive leadership, has a significant impact on the development of the pupils’ understanding of themselves. As a result, pupils’ self-esteem and self-awareness is excellent.
  • Pupils are encouraged to develop resilience and to strive for improvement. 
  • Pupils have high expectations of themselves and of others, meaning exemplary behaviour is the norm. 
  • All staff treat pupils with respect and this is reciprocated with the highest levels of politeness and good manners.
  • Pupils of all ages have an outstanding grasp of the distinction between right and wrong, and are encouraged to take full responsibility for their actions. 
  • Pupils form outstandingly positive relationships with each other.
  • The school places healthy choices and exercise as a priority throughout the school and pupils embrace this healthy lifestyle positively.
  • Exceptionally caring leadership and staff knowledge ensure pupils’ individual pastoral needs are fully met.
  • Pupils’ outstandingly positive and trusting relationships with staff are a feature of the school.