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Inspection Reports

Independent Schools Inspectorate

We are pleased to inform you that Woodlands School Hutton Manor was inspected under the new ISI framework in December 2023. The final report is available to read on our website. 

The new framework started in September 2023 and we were one of the first wave of schools to be inspected this way. There are some changes to the way that inspections have been reported on previously and it may be worth familiarising yourself with these changes before you read on. 

There is no longer a 'one word' judgement for schools. Any school inspected before September 2023, or nurseries, will still have this judgement attached to their report and any schools inspected under the new framework will not. 

The idea of removing the one-word judgement was to allow parents the opportunity to read a more nuanced report about a school and make their own judgement based upon its strengths and how these align to their own values. 

The inspection looks at 5 different areas: 

  • leadership, management and governance
  • quality of education, training and recreation
  • pupils' physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • pupils' social and economic education and contribution to society
  • safeguarding

For each area the school is deemed to have 'met' or 'not met' the standards. Where a school does 'not meet' the standards, an action plan is put in place. Where a school 'meets' the standards, then next steps are suggested for the school to continue striving towards. Within the report each section is discussed in detail to show a flavour of the school. 

I am pleased and proud to say that our school met all the standards

Inspectors noted that wellbeing was a strength of the school and stated that 'A culture of kindness and respect is evident across the school.' They also noted the changes that had been implemented since the new leadership started in September and were positive with where these were going. Their comments regarding the monitoring of these systems reflect the early stages of these changes. 

I am incredibly proud of what our school gives our children and believe that with such an amazing inspection, with such a brilliant team, in only the first few weeks of recent changes, that we will continue to go from strength to strength.

Donna Burkert
Head Teacher