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The Woodlands Way

At the heart of what we do and in every room in the school you will find the “Woodlands Way” proudly declaring our belief and adherence to the principles we hold dear.

At Woodlands we always strive to be the best versions of our best selves – a recognition that in adopting a growth mindset we find ourselves on a cycle of constant personal improvement – always aiming to a achieve our Personal Best, whether on the Sporting Field or in the classroom.  The message we hope our children take away with them is one of recognition that our personality can exist in different versions and when we identify the best of these we continue to build upon it throughout life.

In order to achieve this we recognise the importance of treating others well, forgiving them when they upset us, being generous with our possessions, taking the time to really listen to those around us, being a kind and helpful personal – all of which are unpinned by honesty – to others and to ourselves.

“The Woodlands way is a motto we try and emphasise in all aspects of our life.” - Great Warley Parent                                                           


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Mr Bell talks about the Woodlands Way

I devised the Woodlands Way after listening to an inspirational speaker at a conference in early 2017.  The idea is that children don’t strive to be the best, or even perfect all the time, but that they aim to be “the best version of their best self.”  In other words, they know themselves better than anybody else and they know how it feels to be on both the receiving end of and the sharing of these qualities and how it makes them feel.  It is designed to promote empathy and is supported through PSHE and assembly sessions and I love hearing a child or parent tell me how they are trying to follow the “Woodlands Way” at home.

We’re often compared to a family at Woodlands – and all families have their ups and downs and we are no different.  What I would say here is to remember what else is going on, we’ll always make time for your children, just as you do at home and although we might make mistakes, in fact there is a big poster in my study which states “Mistakes are Proof you are Trying!” This is what we want our children to remember – to create a sense of resilience within them – try the different food today, try this new sport, stand up in assembly and read something out – all of these new experiences create resilience.  We’ll hold your hand whilst you need us to but when you are ready, we’ll let go and let you flourish.