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Head Teacher's Welcome

At Woodlands School Hutton Manor, we pledge to preserve those enchanted early moments of amazement and wonder and to use them to further your child's development and curiosity. Our gorgeous surroundings, energetic staff, and family-friendly philosophy all contribute to creating a lovely atmosphere where each child can grow in their own unique way.

In a kind and inviting setting, your children establish roots and gain self-assurance as our committed team supports their growth and provides challenges when necessary to help them flourish.

Our conviction that every child can thrive and feel unique, gives them the confidence to take off, showcasing their prowess in all areas as we get them ready for their next big steps. Your child will embody traditional values while obtaining a progressive education thanks to our emphasis on the core values that permeate every aspect of our school.

At Woodlands School Hutton Manor, we're meticulous about the small things.

We value knowing your child, which is why we keep our class sizes small. This allows us to better tailor our instruction to your child's needs, promoting their learning at every stage. Our dedicated team of educators, specialists, and support personnel collaborates to make every child feel valued. Our emphasis on behaviour ensures that our children respect one another, become aware of their own emotions, and grow emotionally intelligent. Finally, our focus on developing the whole child guarantees that your child will feel supported in all areas of our extensive curriculum, giving them the opportunity to excel. Our commitment to the little things makes it possible for your child to grow in their own special and amazing way.

Our children may play, explore, and learn in an amazing outdoor environment at Hutton Manor. We have a strong commitment to outdoor learning where we follow the mantra that ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’ and encourage our children to enjoy the natural environment all year, creating learners who are at one with their natural surroundings and who care and protect the environment they live in.

“Pupils display excellent attitudes to their work, work independently and collaboratively with ease, and are highly enthusiastic in their lessons”

Isi report 2017

We are also extremely proud of the comments we receive from our parents, who tell us time and time again what a difference Woodlands School Hutton Manor has made to their child and how happy they are with their choice.

" I feel so lucky that my children can learn in wonderful small classroom sizes with excellent provision available and a unique flexible, open minded approach."


I invite you to browse our website, but seeing us in person is the best way to truly understand how our children's love of learning and their memories are intertwined.

I'd be pleased to show you how we put our children at the centre of all we do when we get to know you better over an in-person tour of the school or during our next Open Morning.

Samantha Lott
Acting Head Teacher