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More Able and Talented

Woodlands School Hutton Manor is committed to helping each child achieve their full potential; whether on the sports field, in the classroom or through creative pursuits.

We recognise that children who are identified as More Able and Talented need additional support to ensure they are stimulated and challenged.  We are committed to excellence in this area, and became the 355th school nationally to achieve the prestigious NACE Challenge Award for More Able, Gifted and Talented Pupils a few years ago. This Award is given for high quality work by the whole school, teachers and governors, in challenging all pupils, including those with high abilities, to achieve their best.

Assessors judged the quality of the school’s work by observing lessons, interviewing the pupils, teachers, parents and governors and by looking at the pupils’ work. The Award is given when schools demonstrate that they meet the criteria of the Award and will remain committed to continuing to ensure high-quality provision for more able, gifted and talented pupils.

Find out more about specific key areas of our curriculum using the links below: